Opticians Masters Program Launches

Master Program for Opticians

4/12/2017 11:36:25 AM

The Opticians Association of Canada is launching The Ophthalmic Dispensing Master Program as the next level of education for Opticians; ‘raising the bar’ of professionalism and skills across the country.

The Ophthalmic Dispensing Master Program will consist of 12 courses that include one-hour of in-person learning per course. Each course will be fully accredited so Opticians can earn CE credits/hours for each course they complete. The Master Program training will be provided by world-renowned educator and presenter, Professor Ed August.


The program also involves three module exams and one general certificate exam for those who wish to earn the title of OACM. The certificate exam is only available for OAC members, and if successfully completed, the OAC member will have demonstrated a level of skill that is at the top of their professional field and thus, deserved of the title OACM.




•             OAC – M1 Course

•             OAC – M2 Course

•             OAC – M3 Course

•             OAC – M4 Course

•             OAC – M1 to M4 Review

•             OAC – M1 to M4 Examination

•             OAC – M5 Course

•             OAC – M6 Course

•             OAC – M7 Course

•             OAC – M8 Course

•             OAC – M5 to M8 Review

•             OAC – M5 to M8 Examination

•             OAC – M9 Course

•             OAC – M10 Course

•             OAC – M11 Course

•             OAC – M12 Course

•             OAC – M9 to M12 Review

•             OAC – M9 to M12 Examination

•             OACM Certificate Examination (Available for OAC members only)


At the current time, OACM courses are offered in-person only, and will be held at OAC hosted events across the country.


The OAC wants to help Opticians demonstrate to vision care consumers that our members have achieved the highest rank of professionalism and skills in the country. We want to show the world our members are GREAT Opticians, that have taken their education seriously and are practicing in the top of the field.


The Ophthalmic Dispensing Master Program will be launched on April 23, 2017 at Vision Kelowna. Attendees will receive training in the first 4 courses of the Master Program, including History & Vision Care Technology, Lens Cross, Power of Cylinder Away From Axis, and Curves.


More offerings of the OACM program will be available throughout 2017.
Stay tuned for more details!