Essilor’s Brings Virtual Reality to Consumers

Essilor looks to bring virtual reality into the optics store

September 17, 2015

Trying on before you buy is second nature. But it’s not so easy when choosing a pair of glasses. Most consumers will be able to try on their new frames, but won’t get to ‘see’ the improved vision their new lenses provide before the lenses are made to measure and shipped to their local eye care professional after purchase.
Essilor is looking to change that by bringing the use of virtual reality in the optics store. The idea is to allow each wearer to virtually try out lenses so s/he can ‘see’ the benefits and make a more informed decision on the best solution. The simulation works via an application on a smartphone that is placed in the virtual reality headset and controlled by a tablet. It gives the wearer an interactive 360° experience of different options selected by their eye care professional – from lens design, coatings such as polarized or photochromic to the effects of dust and fog. This will enable eye care professionals to demonstrate the benefits to vision, the quality of their advice and enrich the customer experience.
Essilor R&D teams have used virtual reality simulators for many years to test new designs through immersing wearers in a 3D virtual world. It has accelerated innovation, enabling Essilor to identify the best lens designs quicker without the need for initial prototyping.
Virtual reality tools like this add to the range of digital solutions that Essilor offers eye care professionals to improve the in-store vision care and shopping experience.
Visitors to the Silmo 2015 optics fair (25-28 September) will have the opportunity to experience the virtual reality simulator on the Essilor booth 6F 088 – 6F 102. Essilor France will be pioneering this innovation, followed by subsidiaries across the Group in 2016.

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