Optical Retail

Optical Retail Business (Professional Practise Sales)

Our optical retail valuations provide a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of your business. We have expertise in optical retail operations, access to practical, financial, and management details and are recognized by financial institutions as qualified business appraisers. We have developed industry specific financial models, statistics and benchmarks to accurately determine the value. If the value of the business is under $250,000, a simpler and less expensive Letter of Opinion may suffice. With a smaller loan at risk, the financial institutions require less documentation to support the loan.

Why You Need a Detailed Valuation?

  1. Sell and market your business
  2. Change in matrimonial status
  3. Banking/Loan/Investments
  4. Insurance
  5. Associate or partner changes
  6. Incorporation
  7. Estate planning
  8. Retirement planning

We are very familiar with all of these circumstances and have the reputation of valuing a business where, in our opinion, it would sell on the open market today or historically. As licensed Real Estate agents and Business Brokers, by law we cannot misrepresent a business, must exercise care in answering questions, and must give advice or information which is complete and accurate. As well, we have a duty to be fair and ethical to the vendor and the purchaser. Through our vast experience selling professional practices and businesses, we give you our best possible service.